Wednesday, February 9, 2011


OK so heres the rundown.....
This week in english weve beeen reading stories which is kind of boring, but its better than doing something hard. I mean i guess... and nick and will and all them are still really annoying. We just took a quiz like 478923064789268 seconds ago and it was HARD, yahhh. it was. I dont like reading long stories then be expected to take a quiz over 57888884907 pages of 8 sized front and black print oh and it looked like a booklet so no wonder why i didnt do goood. ya diggg??!! haha. noo but seriously i dont like them. And im doing my blog now so that i dont forget and get a zero on something easy so im doing it now:) i think ahead;)) "wink" "wink" Well on a cheerleading note, i go to atlanta, GA next weekend and im UBERRRR excited. My friend hannahs coming withh me tooo! its going to be sooo funnn and the car ride is like 8 or 9 hourss !!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. thats a long time. it is..... but, its sooo worth it. Im reallly nervous and this week isnt even over yet haha oh welll. & oh yeah i have an extra practice this saturday from 2-9 yeahhhhhhhhh were just good like that. weve won 2 national titles in a row so far. so i hope we wiinnn. Matrix is THE best cheerleading gym in ohio no doubt!!! Welll alex is sitting right beside me and he just said how hungry he was and now thats making me hungry but when i go to lunch i never know what i want......... SIKE i know errrrrythannng. hahaha. im in a really good mood today cant ya tell?? i mean just look at this long paragraph about my weeeek so far. yeah and in health i have a PRESENTATION... i hate those. I wouldnt mind them if ... nahhh i will never like them. ha sooo KELSSSS is beside me, trynna help me with my U.S History homework i love thattt class and my teacher is mr. snoad and hes super duper nice...(but not as nice as mr. potter ;) ) haha okay well its 11:07 and im just tired of typing cause my hands are crapin soo immma leaveee ccyaaa.


  1. hahahahah i do like mr snoad, and mr potter there one of the chill teachers that i know, and bailey you should really get your history homework done cause i dont feel like helping you anymore, hahahahahah <3 you!

  2. lol yea those stories were really long!i didnt even finish my essays in class because there was so much that i had to write down. yea i also have trouble keeping up with my blog and remembering to do thats really cool. i hope that you do good on the cheerleading thing that you are doing. i dont think that i could ever do that. i cant do any of those back flips or stuff that you guys have to be able to do. i would be afraid to even try to do a back flip no matter if i was doing it on matts or not. i dont like to do flips or summer saults in general. idk why. haha cool. i have Mr. Snoad too! i dont like history at all!!!!! i am glad that you think that he is really nice. everyone has a different opinion. oh well. you have to take it sometime. better to take it now than to take it later i guess.